Testing your Berkey system guidelines

1) Remove white fluoride/arsenic filters, they cannot and must not be tested with colour.

2) Put white plastic cups in bottom chamber of your Berkey so that each cup is positioned below each Black Berkey filter element

(you will be able to check in each cup whether filter element placed above it is properly filtering the color)

3) Put upper chamber with filter elements on top of the bottom chamber.

4) Dissolve 1/4 of our powdered food color in a bottle of water, stirring it or shaking thoroughly

5) Fill the upper chamber of your Berkey with clear water almost to the top

6) Add red water that you prepared, so the top of Black Berkey filters are covered with water

7) Wait until plastic cups are filled

8) Check if the water in cups is completely colorless. If not, locate the element that is not working

9) If all elements are working well, discard the rest of red water, rinse the upper chamber and refill with clean water.

10) If you notice that any of filters fails to remove the color, check wingnuts, check filter element thread, check if rubber washer is placed on the inside of a chamber, check if filter element is placed properly and tightened. Is it overtight? Is the thread damaged? Use an extra wingnut shipped to you to make it tight without damaging the thread. Only use fingers, no tools.  

11) If the element persist to leak color, let us know!

12) Do not test your Sport bottle.

Testing your Berkey system video


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